Due to the proprietary nature of projects, I couldn’t share details here. Originally, my responsibilities were on two projects. However, my manager found the value I brought to our team, and shared the value with other teams. That’s the reason why I've ended up having 12 projects in 7 months.

I have the freedom to choose what methods and tools I use in each project, depending on project’s types, budgets, and timelines. For some projects I provided heuristic evaluation reports; others I provided the logo and interaction design ideas via digital or paper prototypes. Moreover, I gave a webinar, where I shared how to leverage design to make users' lives better.

What People Say About Me


We feel blessed to have Tabitha on the team. Best decision ever! The positive feedback is unanimous across the board. Tabitha has positioned herself as trusted advisor and earned an enormous amount of credibility with the teams across business and IT -enterprise applications.

-Dipin Sahney, Senior Manager


Tabitha is like a bright ray of light into our projects - both from a personality and her level of creativeness. She brings the passion and energy, and delivers with results - all with a sense of humor that defines her special uniqueness. She never ceases to amaze us.

-Masako Ongole, Business Analysis Senior Manager


Tabitha joined Equinix as an intern and quickly made her presence felt. She helped us with systems where clicks directly translate to profits. She delivers her recommendations in a highly visual format that is easily consumable by our development and system analyst teams.

-Tom Banola, Senior Director

What I Learned


Through being a designer in the industry, I realized that I love what I’m doing, simply because I felt happy and satisfied while improving or creating simple and intuitive designs for users.


While working with researchers, engineers, data scientists, project managers, product managers, and senior managers, I learned how to adjust myself to talk to people with different backgrounds and professions.

Beginner’s Mind

Employees, who have been in a project for so long, sometimes, spent a lot time on details but missed the whole picture. In this situation, asking stakeholders basic questions reminded them what they should pay more attention to.


Through working on multiple projects simultaneously, I learned how to manage my time and make my work effective.