a picture of Tabitha. She puts her leg on a rock about her height up.

Hi, I'm Tabitha.

I'm a Human Computer Interaction (HCI) new grad of Indiana University, specializing in interaction and experience design, with 7-year work experience of a product designer slash developer. Currently, I’m seeking a full-time Product or Experience Designer position.

I’ve worn multiple hats (researcher, designer and developer) to design and implement consumer and enterprise applications for millions of users, such as self-service portals, internal-facing collaboration platforms, eCommerce back-end systems and so on. Through the course of working in the industry for 7 years, I became curious about how to design by deciphering human behaviors.

Thus, I decided to dive into the user experience (UX) world. I've found my passion lies in taking challenges and turning problems into simple but beautiful designs. Inclusive design is always on the forefront of my mind- I’m enthusiastically involved in designs for all people, especially those with vision impairments and other accessibility needs.

Feel free to contact me. I can share what it looked like getting to the summit of Mt. Shasta or traveling to Antarctica.